Sarah Mallinson

Registered Nutritional Therapist       
Dip CNM, mBANT, CNHC registered         

For appointments:

Tel: 07730 041268



Clinical hours: Monday



Initial: 75mins  £95.00

Follow-up/further appointments: 45mins  £65.00


About Sarah


Nutritional therapy played a pivotal role in my recovery from chronic fatigue syndrome and eventually lead to my qualification as a therapist.

My aim is to identify the root cause of symptoms and to formulate a tailored, evidence based program that prioritises and enhances your health and wellbeing and supports chronic conditions.


Special area’s of interest:

  • Chronic fatigue syndrome

  • Fibromyalgia

  • Fatigue and low energy

  • Gastrointestinal health and digestive disorders

  • Autoimmune conditions

  • Blood sugar imbalances

  • Stress

  • Sleep

  • Allergies & skin conditions

  • Hormonal health

  • Cognitive decline

Louise Mc Mullan

Yoga and Meditation

07734 055393

Tuition and Classes:


One private onet o one is £60.


Privately arranged class is £70 (up to 6 people)


Group classes are £70 per person for a block of 6.


A 90min class would be priced at £90 per block of 6 classes.



3-4pm available for private booking

4.30-5.30pm Meditation class 

5.45pm- 6.45pm Recuperative yoga/pranayama (breathing techniques). 

*This would be a good class for older people  anyone at all who is stressed or anxious or finds sleeping difficult, depressed people, those with chronic fatigue and similar.

7pm-8pm  Absolute beginners’ yoga

8.15pm-9.45pm  General Iyengar Yoga

(for those who have previously done Iyengar yoga )

About Louise

I first reluctantly attended an Iyengar yoga class in 1993.  From the first class the benefits were so obvious and positive that I was hooked and  went on to complete my teacher training certificate by 1998 .  Since then I have always been a full time Iyengar yoga teacher.  Having worked my way through the introductory and intermediate exams, my own personal development as a student is now focused on working through the Senior syllabi under one of the UK’s most experienced teachers , practitioners, and life-long student of BKS Iyengar,  Richard Agar Ward.


From 2002 to 2007 I regularly taught yoga to various MUFC first team players as well as the younger squads, at their Carrington training ground.  During this period I helped several members of the first team regain their fitness and prolong their careers.


I continue to enjoy both the teaching and practice of Iyengar yoga and it’s ability to be bring benefits to all ages of people at any level of fitness.


My person experience of breathing techniques and meditation has been equally profound.  My own daily use of breathing techniques and the practice of steadying my conscious focused mind (meditation) has utterly convinced me of the power we all have to easily uplift our mental and emotional state, at any time.  Personal positive influence over our mind and emotions can be literally a breath away for anyone.